Fingerprint drug testing could soon become a norm on site with technology developed to do just that.

Unlike urine or saliva based testing, this drug testing solution is quick and easy to use on site. Developed by Intelligent Fingerprinting, this method is a lot less time consuming and invasive as well.

It works by analysing the sweat of a worker’s fingerprint. From this, the technology is able to determine whether or not an employee has recently used drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines or opiates. Taking just 5 seconds to gather a sample, it then just takes 8 minutes to gather the screening results. A clear positive or negative result will then show itself on the device’s screen.

If a positive result is shown, another sample can be taken for confirmation. This is done via the Intelligent Fingerprinting Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis. With written consent from the donor, and a list of any prescription medications they take, these samples are then be sent off. Delivered in a tamper evident security bag to the Intelligent Fingerprinting’s partner laboratory, further analysis can then take place.

From there, a Certificate of Analysis is given along with the results.

Drug testing is pretty common on site already. But, could this be a new way of improving things?

Further research has found that a lot of workers are actually concerned about drugs on site. In fact, 59% stated that they are worried about the impact of drugs and alcohol on the industry. And, feel that they could be better tackled. So, could this be the solution? Take a look at some of the reasons behind the concerns in the full report here.

Not only that, but of the 1,300 workers surveyed, 65% had never been tested for drugs on site! So, could this be an easier way of doing this whilst on the job?

But what do you lot think of this? Have you seen this on site yet? Let us know in the comments below.


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