The boss of a construction company has recently been jailed after one of his young workers suffered serious injuries and burns.

The incident took place when the worker was instructed to stand on top of a skip. He was then told to pour flammable thinners onto the burning waste that was contained in the skip. The result of this was a fireball that blew the worker off the skip.

An investigation took place and it was uncovered that the company boss did not ensure the burning was being carried out in a safe way. After the incident he also did not send the worker to the hospital or administer any first aid. Given the severity of his injuries though, these were two things the worker desperately needed.

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Not only that, but the boss also didn’t inform the HSE about the incident. This was a legal requirement and the executive wasn’t aware of the incident until it was reported by a third party.

One HSE inspector stated the boss, “failed his employees.”

They continued: “his actions could have resulted in the death of this worker.”

“The young man suffered unnecessary life threatening injuries due to poor working standards.”

The boss, David Stead, was eventually sentenced to eight months in jail. He has also been disqualified for seven years due to his actions.

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