First There Wasn’t Enough Brickies Now There Isn’t Enough…



Brick prices have risen by 13.5% in the past year as demand continues to outstrip supply.

Michelmarsh, the only UK-owned major manufacturer sold 70 million bricks last year as production rose to 67.5 million.

Chairman Eric Gadsden said: “A generational oversupply of bricks has come to an end and the market is now reliant on increasing levels of imports.

“The current environment brings a new set of challenges with our stocks, and industry stocks, at an all time low.

“Bricks are no longer immediately available on demand but we have successfully managed our customers’ requirements.”

Average selling prices last year increased to £395 per thousand as “sales were constrained by capacity for the first time in many years.”

The price rise helped Michelmersh post a doubling in operating profit to £2.8m from £1.4m on turnover up to £28.5m from £25.9m

Have you noticed an inflation busting rise in the cost of bricks, let us know?