If your site has managed to stay open this week and you’re travelling a lot in the snow, it’s important to know some of the laws that are in place for these conditions.

1) Vision. How are those windows looking?
According to the Highway Code, you need to be able to see out of every glass pane in your car. Yes, that includes the little triangle ones at the back of your car.

2) Running your engine.
Leaving your vehicle running when it’s parked on a public road is also an offence. This is under under regulations 98 and 107 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986. So maybe brace the cold and start warming your vehicle when you’re in it. The cold may be horrible, but it beats being handed a fine. Or, make sure it’s parked on your drive. There’s no problem with leaving your engine running in this instance as it’s on private property.

If left on a public road though, you could be handed a £20 fine which could double if not paid within a given time frame.

3) Have you scraped the windows but left snow on top?
Technically, there are no laws that prevent you from driving with snow on your roof. However, if anything happens to that snow whilst your driving, then you could face some penalties! Specifically, if the snow falls down onto your windscreen or into the path of another driver, you could be charged with one of two offences. Either using a motor vehicle in a dangerous condition or driving without due care.

Either way, it’s really not worth the risk!

4) Is it looking misty out there?
One thing that many drivers do, but don’t realise the penalties associated with it, is driving off before their windows are completely de-misted. If you’re vision is not 100% clear, then you could face a fine of around £60. And that’s not all, you could also get three points on your license too! At the end of the day, driving without your vision being at 100% could be considered as careless or inconsiderate driving.

5) Stay!
Now, this one might be a bit out there and, chances are, this is probably the situation you are least likely to be in. Especially if you’re driving to and from site. But, we thought we’d cover it anyway!

If you end up breaking down in the snow and have your furry friend in the car/van with you, then the law states you need to leave them in the vehicle whilst you move it to a safe place…

Wouldn’t you do that anyway?

These aren’t the only laws you need to consider though. Take a look at the top seven forgettable driving fines here. In this weather too, you might want to avoid a few of the roads out there. Here are the most dangerous roads in the UK.

There may be some strange laws out there, but what do you guys think of these ones? Have you been caught out by any in the past? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk

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