Here in the UK, sunny weather is a bit of a rarity. So, when we have heatwaves like this, we’re totally unprepared for it. Fans have never sold out so quickly!

But, when working on site in the hot sun all day, it’s important to ensure you’re properly equipped for the weather. Especially if you’re ginger!

So, we decided to create a video to showcase exactly how ginger tradies should protect themselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays…

Step 1: Squirt a sh*t tonne of suncream into a painter’s tray.

Step 2: Grab yourself a roller.

And finally, step 3: Get painting it on!

It’s as simple as that! In fact, this tradesman’s workmates were more than happy to help him get his suncream on. In fact, they were incredibly supportive making sure he got all the key areas like his back and his face.

And, thanks to their help, it was job done in no time at all!

Check out the video for yourself here:

Created as an On The Tools original piece, our audience absolutely loved this video. Highly topical, it gained over 1.1 million views. And, conversation was rife in the comments with users tagging their mates in the hilarious piece.

So, make sure you’re wearing your suncream kids, you don’t want to end up like one tradie who woke up bright red after falling asleep in the bed of the gaffer’s truck! Check out the video for yourself here.

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