Recently, a video was captured of an apprentice who was unlucky enough to be caught on his phone when he should have been working. What happened next though ensured that he would never do it again!

The video begins by displaying three construction workers pinning down an apprentice and taping his legs together. To this sight, the camera man asks, “you alright mate?”

This was followed by a round of laughter from all of the workers, including the camera man and the apprentice. One worker claims “now you’re fucked.”

The young worker isn’t left just taped together though. He is then strapped to a pole and positioned in the air. Getting the apprentice to unlock his phone, there’s likely to have been many embarrassing snapchat’s taken. Stuck in the air like this though, the apprentice is left in the stairwell.

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It is at this point that we see the camera man. He turns the video onto himself and asks, “think it’s home time now, what do you think?”

To this, his fellow work mate agrees and they go to let down their apprentice. However, when they arrive they find that he is gone and go looking for him on site.

Eventually, the workers find him wandering through the streets of Daventry. Unfortunately for the apprentice though, this means another round of jokes, much worse than before. As he ran off, the group of workers decide to embarrass him a little further, taping him to a post.

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Alongside him, they also place a sign which reads ‘free hugs, kisses & selfies.’ People happily take him up on this offer too as the video shows cars slowing and stopping to take pictures of the apprentice. Pedestrians even stop to take selfies with him too!

Unlucky kid! Take a look at the full video here:

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