“I’m a health and safety officer and in the evenings, I like to rent myself out as a footstool.”

Paul has lived the past eight years of his life renting himself as a footstool. He works as a Health and Safety Officer for construction sites during the day, assessing risks and protecting builders from injury. But at night, he rents himself to customers as a footstool.

“I know some people may think it’s a bit weird… But to me, it’s just like going to the gym or playing football.”

We spoke to one of Paul’s customers, Mary, who has been using his services for the past eight months. She found him on a buy and sell Facebook page whilst looking for a corner sofa. At first, she thought it was really weird that someone would hire themselves out to be a human footstool. But, after hiring him, that opinion soon changed and it completely made sense.

She described, “it looks very stylish and it saves space and I mean who else has a human footstool.”

But, Paul doesn’t like to restrict himself to being just a footstool. He also rents himself as a chair, table and a lamp too.

Check out Paul in action for yourself here:

Created as an On The Tools mockumentary, this video went down well with our audience and gained over 1.1 million views. But what do you think? Who’s loving our mockumentary series? Let us know in the comments below!

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