Following our post back in June, the plumber’s are back at it again saving even more lives!

This blaze was caught in time by another, quick thinking plumber. He raised the alarm and consequently prevented the fire from spreading even further. He did this by swiftly contacting Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The event took place at a home along Onslow Drive. The blaze had broken out within the airing cupboard of the house. The plumber was thankfully working in a neighbouring house. He noted the fire at around twenty past eleven last Friday morning and proceeded to alert the fire department.

Thanks to this plumber, fire crews were quickly dispatched and two fire fighters were able to enter the building, successfully extinguishing the flames.

Watch Manager Mark O’Connor stated that it was due to the “prompt emergency call from the tradesman” and “the swift actions of the crews” that prevented the the fire from escalating. Alongside this, they also prevented any further smoke damage.

Do you know who this is? Or do you know of any other heroic stories like this? If you do let us know in the comments below.