The apprentice. What can you say about them? Well, sometimes you can find a gem who can’t do enough. Dedicated to their training and passionate about the work, they’re the dream.

However, even if they have this, site life can still be tough for many apprentices. It’s a lot of labour intensive work that isn’t always easy to get used to. I mean, having to go and make brews for the whole site, it’s a mission! And, this, sometimes, can result in them slacking off every now and then.

But, for this apprentice, his little game of hide and seek was soon over when his workmate grabbed a little helping hand from Bosch…

This video was created for Bosch Professional and was a great way to showcase the features of their product in a light and informal way. In fact, the piece was filmed in a user-generated style that followed a worker trying to find ‘lazy George’. Gaining over three hundred thousand views, our audience enjoyed the way the product was portrayed. In fact, some were even saying they needed one to help find their own apprentice!

Look like getting out of work just got a whole lot harder for all you apprentices out there!

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