Recent research has found that whilst 82% of British tradespeople are optimistic about the future of construction, 57% are reporting that they are having trouble recruiting staff.

According to the study, almost half of tradesmen have reported that they were busier last year in comparison to now. Struggling to recruit staff as well, tradesmen felt that there was a lack of focus on encouraging new people to join the trade. 35% agreed with this, stating that greater focus was needed in schools.

Alongside this, tradesmen also felt that there weren’t enough skilled local workers and too much red tape around hiring an apprentice. 19% stated though that this red tape should be reduced.

However, more than a third put struggling to recruit workers down to the perception of the trade. Specifically, 37% believed that apprenticeships aren’t given the same respect in comparison to those gaining university educations. Consequently, 31% feel that this poor perception is resulting in school leavers uninterested in a career in the trade.

Despite these negatives though, the study also saw some positive results. It was found that of the 500 surveyed, 18% stated that they currently have more work than they can handle. And, alongside this, 40% added that they are quoting for more jobs this year, in comparison to twelve months ago.

With 82% of tradespeople optimistic about the future of construction, 94% of tradespeople stated that they would recommend a career in the trade. 85% added that they would recommend this due to the strong sense of achievement that is obtained when a job is completed. A further 80% added that they loved seeing their work once it was completed.

So what do you think of this? Are you feeling positive or negative about the industry? Let us know in the comments below.


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