Apparently, nearly 1 in 10 homeowners have experienced a DIY fail!

According to a recent survey of around 1,000 people, bodge jobs on average took more than £2,000 to fix! The most common mistake made by homeowners though was that they underestimated the time and cost of a project. This then led to budget’s spiralling out of control, and things becoming a lot more complicated.

Alongside this, bursting water pipes, splattering paints, damages to walls and home owner’s injuring themselves were found to be the most common fails made during a project.

In terms of who causes these bodge jobs though, women were more readily prepared to admit their mistakes. 10% of women were readily able to admit they had made a DIY fail whereas only 8% of men were.

Not only that, but those in the London, North West of England and Northern Ireland areas were more likely to cause DIY fails. Older generations were less likely to cause these DIY disasters though. Only 6% of respondents aged over 55 admitted that they had taken part in a DIY project that had gone wrong.

After causing these bodge jobs though, 40% of respondents would be likely to call in a professional to fix it. Bodge jobs aren’t the only mistakes homeowners tend to make though. According to a recent survey of British tradesmen, the worst mistake a customer can make is not paying them on time. Take a look at the full survey here.

However, it’s not just the customers that make mistakes and do a bit of a bodge job on their home improvements. Sometimes, even the massive corporations mess up too. Construction company Bovis actually moved their customers into dangerous, unfinished homes just so they could meet sales targets! Take a look at the full story here.

So what do you think? Do you have to fix a lot of bodge jobs? What’s the worse DIY disaster you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments below.

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