For most of us, a bit of snow is nothing more than an inconvenience. Traffic, idiots on the road and cancelled public transport. It’s not the end of the world! However, if you’re homeless, this is a completely different story.

Across the UK, the number of people out on the streets are on the rise. Increasing for a seventh year in a row, statistics released last month that around 4,751 people were sleeping rough last year. This is up by 15% in comparison to the year before too!

Charities indicate though, that these statistics don’t even begin to capture the real level of homelessness in the UK. And, with the Beast from the East raging across the UK this week, sleeping on the street can well and truly be deadly!

Therefore, charity Streetlink have set up a campaign to try and help as many homeless people as possible; especially during these freezing temperatures!  Risking their lives just trying to make it through the night, the UK is in for some sub zero temperatures this week that no one should be sleeping out in.

Naturally, many of us do tend to try and help people that are struggling. Fetching them some hot food or a hot drink, I’m sure they’d be incredibly appreciative of this! However, Streetlink have advised that during these conditions, more needs to be done.

Specifically, they have asked for people to let them know the locations of anyone they come across who are sleeping rough. From there, they can attempt to find them shelter and offer it to those who are stranded in the snow. Already going on patrols to try and help people they come across, your vital information about a homeless person’s location could help direct them on the right path. Then, they can approach the homeless individual and offer them a bed out of the cold.

Operating across England and Wales, you can get into contact with the charity about anyone in these countries. When giving a report, they will ask for as much information as you can possibly give. This can include things such as the time you saw the individual, what they look like, etc in order to help their teams find them.

Supported by charities such as St Mungo’s, Streetlink are trying to help as many homeless people get off the streets, especially during this horrendously cold week. So, when you’re out and about, travelling from site to site, keep an eye out for anyone who could do with Streetlink’s help. You never know, it could save their life!

To find out more about them, and how you can get in touch, head over to their website here.

So what do you think of this? Have you come across anyone that could do with some help? Or know someone you could share this information with? Let us know in the comments below.


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