No one likes it when someone parks in front of their drive. But, this homeowner took things to a whole new level when he stole, and hid a tradesman’s keys for six hours!

According to homeowner Andrew Krasucky, the tradesman parked in front of his drive despite there being other spaces available. So, annoyed with the tradesman, Mr Krasucky went out to confront the worker. But, when he got outside, and approached the van, he noticed the keys had been left in the ignition.

So, instead, Andrew decided to take the keys and lock the van behind him. He then headed over to a local cafe for a couple of hours.

When he returned, he witnessed the driver searching everywhere for his keys.

Instead of handing the keys back over though, Mr Krasucky decided to do something a little different. He alternatively filmed the driver looking for them for a further four hours. He even began pressing the central locking system so the tradesperson became convinced that the keys were inside of the van.

Andrew explained why he did this. He described: “it was really selfish and thoughtless of him, especially because he had the option of space.”

“You can’t do that.”

“It’s unacceptable.”

He continued, “It was all about punishing him.”

“I don’t think he really understood what happened.”

“It was just one of life’s pleasures to punish him for ignoring other people, parking outside our house and not caring.”

He did eventually go outside and confront the tradesman though. He went on to ask him to move the van in which the driver apologised politely stating he could not find his keys. Andrew therefore eventually returned the keys, throwing them close to the van so the driver was unaware that he had stole them. However, when the driver did find them, he simply opened and closed the door and then left the van.

Shocked by the sight, Andrew went outside again questioning whether or not he was going to move the van. To that, the driver simply responded, “oh yes, ok.”

Throughout the ordeal, Andrew was posting pictures on his social media pages too. This prompted a wave of suggestions regarding what else he could do to the driver. However, Andrew felt that what he had done was more than enough. He stated: “you can’t go too far with punishment.”

“Afterwards, I thought if I were to do it again I would tell him not to park like that again or he won’t get his keys back.”

“That’s what I would do next time.”

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