A homeowner has recently been left horrified after tradespeople discovered a human skull in their back garden.

The remains were discovered whilst construction workers were completing work on an extension in Darlington. Specialists are now running tests to confirm that the skeletal remains are in fact human. Alongside this, they’re also looking to determine how long the remains have been there and a potential age for the victim.

The homeowner, who has lived in the house since 2011, described: “I was quite shocked when the builders told me what had happened.”

“They are working on a small extension right next to one that was built the year after we moved into the house.”

“We called the police and to be fair they came straight round and cordoned off the area.”

“I saw the skull for myself and it looked like it had been there for a while.”

“It was brown with all of the teeth still in place.”

“We have no idea how long the skull has been buried, but from where it was found, I’m not sure how the previous builder didn’t disturb it.”

“At the minute we really have no idea how long the skull has been in the ground and don’t have any more information that what we told the police.”

With investigations still in their early stages, The Northern Echo described that police are unable to rule out any lines of inquiry. Speculation has considered that the skull may belong to Julie Paterson. She was murdered in 1998 after she went missing from her home. The thirty one year old mother’s torso was found disposed in a bin bag. But, the rest of her body is yet to be found.

Other lines of inquiry though suggest that the skull could belong to someone else entirely. Specifically, suggestions have been made that the skull could belong to one of two brothers who were seized by grave robbers back in 2015.

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Source: www.thenorthernecho.co.uk

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