According to recent research, a surprising number of British homeowners have been revealed to be ‘bad-mannered’ towards tradesmen working in their homes.

This research was conducted by home services marketplace Plentific who found that British politeness well and truly goes out of the window when it comes to tradesmen working in our homes. According to the results, thirty-four per cent of Brits wouldn’t let a tradesman use their toilet.

One woman even took to social media to share her disgust with the world after her friend shared that a tradesman went to the toilet in her home. However, she didn’t quite get the responses she was expecting… Take a look at the full report here.

It doesn’t just stop there either. A third of homeowners wouldn’t even offer workers a drink! And if they did, one in ten would only offer them one in an old mug.

For tradesmen, not being offered a drink can be one of the most annoying mistakes a customer can make as well. Alongside not being paid on time and unrealistic expectations. Take a look the biggest mistakes that customers make, annoying tradesmen in the process, here.

Whether or not homeowners trust tradesman though was another question that was brought up within this research. Unfortunately, in this case, things don’t seem to be swaying in favour of tradesmen either. Instead, a quarter of homeowners stated that they do not trust a tradesman to work in their house alone.

However, despite this lack of trust, 77% still don’t ask workers for their professional certificate!

Despite all of this though, 93% did admit that they would make the effort to chat to tradesmen working in their home.

A spokesperson for Plentific stated: “All the tradesmen who are verified on Plentific are all certified; therefore Brits should not feel untrusting of the tradesmen we recommend when they come into your home.”

“Many people find that if they are friendly to tradesmen, they will have a very good working relationship with them.”

“We just want to gently remind Brits that the politeness that we are globally recognised for should not stop when a tradesman comes into your home.”

So what do you think of this? Do customers tend to be rude to you? Let us know in the comments below.


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