They say an Englishman’s home is his castle. That is if castles had Wi-Fi connections. So, more and more people are investing in smart devices for their homes. Why? Because they’ve realised the benefits that connected technology can bring!

However, although these devices are easy to use, homeowners can, at times, be intimidated at the prospect of installing them. So, they call in the professionals. Unfortunately, for those who do try their hand at a DIY job though, nine times out of ten they end up calling the professional in any way.

So, when this happens, how do tradespeople make sure they’re the ones getting the work?

Well, we teamed up with heating specialists Resideo, makers of Honeywell Home branded products, to see how you can stay ahead of the competition and bag yourself more work, and more money.

They described: “Technology is ever evolving in the industry. And, consequently, so are the mod cons homeowners want in their homes.”

“In fact, 88% of homeowners are expected to spend at least 10% more on smart home technology within the next year alone.”

“The demand for evolution is key within the industry.”

“With this in mind, we are evolving too. We are ceasing the production of our Y6630D1007 and CM900 thermostats, from the 1st of January 2019. And, instead, we’re encouraging our customers to migrate to more evolved models, such as T4.”

“Not only that, but the UK also has one of the largest boiler markets in Europe. In fact, nearly 1.5 million gas boilers are installed each year. And, all boilers are most efficient when partnered with an intuitive control system, such as a smart, Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.”

“Yet, with a diverse range of properties and heating systems in the UK, there is no ‘one size fits all solution’ when it comes to smart controls. Recognising this, we have developed our products to cater to a wide variety of systems.”

However, it is all well and good for systems and products to be evolving, but what about those that fit them? If more and more people want smart technology in their homes, how are tradespeople going to make sure they’re the ones fitting them?

Introducing Honeywell Home training…

Following extensive feedback and trial days, Resideo has enhanced its Honeywell Home
product training with the addition of three new courses. Installers can now choose between Standard Installer, Controls Applications or Evohome Installer training, to suit their interests and existing skills.

Standard Installer Training.
This covers the basics of heating system controls, including how to install and fault find on standard ‘S & Y Plan’ systems. It is ideal for those who are new to the heating industry and want to learn the basics of heating controls.

Controls Applications Training.

This is a more advanced session. It’s designed for those who already have a thorough understanding of standard ‘S & Y Plan’ systems and want to gain confidence in installing more complex technology.

Attendees receive in-depth training on OpenTherm and load compensating technology. Alongside this, they also learn about thermostat applications including single, multi-zone and stored hot water control. Knowledge of security and awareness of products such as Wi-Fi cameras and water leak detectors will also be included along with smart home integration including creating scenes, voice control and geofencing.

The Evohome Installer Course.
This is ideal for those wanting to gain in-depth, product-specific knowledge on Honeywell’s most advanced control system. Covering everything from planning through to customer handover, attendees will gain the knowledge needed to confidently fit evohome on different heating systems in a variety of different property types.

Resideo’s Andy Mansifeld said: “Of course, it’s not always easy to find the time to do this kind of training.”

“If you’re self-employed, you don’t get paid when you take time off so training can be out of the question.”

“Therefore our online training platform, Youlearn can help with this.”

“Installers can register for free and take full-length courses on our main products. They cover the key features and benefits, specifications, installation, commissioning and troubleshooting and can be paused and re-visited at any time.”

“It’s the one-stop resource for heating professionals. They can get up to speed with the latest industry news, insights and product knowledge. All in one place!”

“For people who are really time stretched as well, or want to get clued up in other areas, we even have an ‘insights’ section which provides digestible lessons in blog or video format.”

Like the sound of this? Well, you can get involved via

So what do you think of this? Could this be of use to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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