One particular tradesman has recently combined technology with their need to get the job done.

Whilst plastering the ceiling, this worker uses a hoverboard to travel across the room. And he’s doing a pretty good job too, creating a perfect finish. But could this soon be practice on site? Construction bosses are always banging on about improving productivity. Is this the solution?

Well, some commenters believe so. Tagging a friend, Dean Meredith stated: “I would say this would be good for you.”

However, he then added: “but you’d need 4×4 tyres on the f*cker just to get over the sh*t you drop on the floor.”

Ashley Foreman also added: “looks like a perfect finish to me.”

“Running the ceiling is how it should be done look at the shine on it!”

“All the negative comments are obviously people who no f*ck all because if you did you would no that’s a quality plastered ceiling”

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Some other workers aren’t convinced with this hoverboard trick though. One user commented, ” I smell bullshit. I’ve never seen a plasterer that clean.” And with nine hundred and sixty-two likes on a single comment, it sounds like quite a few people also agree with him.

Another user threw a spanner in the works too asking “what happens if you’ve got a higher ceiling?”

“Do you get a taller plasterer or do you pimp you’re wheels?”

But what do you think? Take a look at the footage below:

So what do you think? Lazy? Or ingenious? Let us know in the comments below.

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