Today is national ‘human rights day.’ An important factor in society. However, for some workers in the industry, they don’t always get the same rights as their fellow work mates. The apprentice. A valued member of the team in which you can pass down your wisdom and experience down to. Or, they’re the on site joke that provides the comedy for the rest of the team.

But these jokes aren’t just reserved for on site. Here at On The Tools we even created an ‘urgent appeal’ encouraging people to help make a difference and change an apprentice’s life… 😂

But in all seriousness though, the stick that the apprentice’s get is a learning curve for them. It prepares them for all the on site banter they get to be a part of in the future. Therefore, we’ve included some of the best apprentice jokes that have ever appeared on the page. Take a look!

This poor apprentice was convinced to help move a ‘dead body’. Now that is some loyalty right there:

This is what happens when the apprentice leaves his phone in the car:

This apprentice was wrapped up in tape by his fellow work mates, his response is priceless:

When the apprentice is told, and unfortunately believes, that one of his co workers is a part time hairdresser. Think he might regret that one slightly:

This apprentice was told he needed to catch the sparks in a bucket…can’t believe he fell for it! 😂

So what do you think? Have you got any on site apprentice banter that you want to share? Well in honour of human rights day please let us know in the comments below.