So, what do women think about the construction industry? Well, according to research, they’re rather intimidated by the sheer number of men.

According to research by housing and community regeneration specialist Keepmoat, only 13% of women would consider a career in the industry. 46% of which, described that the main reason they wouldn’t work in the industry would be due to the limited availability to progress.

However, 47% of women revealed that instead, they wouldn’t work in the industry as the number of men within the industry makes it very intimidating.

Alongside this, an additional 29% of women believed that all of the roles within the industry were site based. Another 30% also felt that the work involved was too “strenuous” as well.

However, when it was revealed that a lot of women within the industry are employed at executive or managerial levels, 56% of the women surveyed were surprised by this. 72% did agree though that more needs to be done at the school stages to highlight the benefits and encourage young people to join the industry.

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The chief executive of the company stated: “it’s concerning that in 2017, nearly a third of women still view a career in construction as hard hats, digging or bricklaying.”

“Yes that’s a major part of the production – and one which we still encourage women to consider – but there are endless opportunities in design, land and planning, surveying, sales, business development or marketing; the list goes on.”

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“The housing crisis is at the fore of the Government agenda and this ultimately means there has never been a better time to consider a career in construction.”

“In order to meet the recommendations, we need to work hard to eradicate the looming skills crisis our industry is facing; and that means taking the time to identify what is holding people back – particularly females.”

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