Get it? Like the A Team… but better… Well, anyway, this is the story of the J-Team!

In 1997, a Jewson Tool Hire commando unit was kicked off a building site for their crap tea making skills. These men promptly escaped to the nearest cafe. Today, still wanted by the site manager, they survive as tool hirers of fortune.

So, if you’re having tool problems, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire, the J-Team?

Check out Mannibal, ‘Face’ Man, ‘Mad as a Bat’ Burdock and B.A Abacus in action here:

Created in conjunction with Jewson Tool Hire, people were loving our take on the A-Team gaining almost 900,000 views. Reaching 1.8 million people and with thousands of comments and shares, it’s safe to say I ‘pity the tool’ who didn’t get to see this video!

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