Recently, a labourer without a job was able to land work in just twenty minutes! This was thanks to a passing builder who spotted him on the side of the road.

The twenty-two-year-old worker, Nathan Campbell, was pleading for work at the time. On a piece of cardboard, he had written ‘Please Give Me A Job’ which he held up at the side of the road. Hoping someone would stop, Mr Campbell had a stroke of luck as a builder on his way to site spotted him.

After a string of job rejections, Mr Campbell was approached by the builder along the A77. He described: “I was only there 20 minutes and I heard this peep.”

“It was a guy in a van from McTaggart Civils and he asked me what experience I had.”

“I told him I’d done a bit of labouring and he said he admired what I had done and he would give me a job.”

“That was the Monday morning and by the Friday he called me and said I could have a start the next week.”

Before that, Mr Campbell described: “I’d applied for about 14 or 15 jobs but either got no response at all or a negative response.”

“The whole sitting in the house and going through the same stuff every day drove me up the walls.”

“I thought I had to do something.”

“Just making that one small move has made a massive difference.”

“I would definitely say to people to put themselves out there.”

Contract manager John, who pulled over for the worker, also added: “I saw Nathan on my way to site and thought it showed a lot of ingenuity.”

“He had some relevant skills and experience but most of all I was impressed by his willingness to work, so we gave him a chance.”

And now,  the former music festival caterer has just finished his first week on the job! Using his first set of wages, the labourer plans to use them to spoil his girlfriend.

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