Joiner Stuart Allen is currently working to raise £2,500 in an attempt to replace the life savings of an elderly WW2 veteran. On Thursday 8th June, heartless thieves stole from the elderly man and his wife after breaking into their home.

They managed to flee with £2,000 in cash and left the elderly couple, who are in their late eighties and early nineties, “shaken and distressed”.

An appeal was put out by local police that the joiner then noticed on Facebook. He was appalled to hear of the incident and as a former soldier himself, the story really “hit home”. Therefore, he decided that he wanted to help. To show his appreciation for the veteran, Mr Allen is now attempting to raise the money that had been stolen back for the couple. To do this, he has set up a Crowdfunding page to try and raise the £2,500.

He described: “Nobody deserves to be burgled but this man served in the Second World War and he gave a lot to this country.”

“I want to try and give him something back so I am aiming to raise £2,500 which should be enough to replace their savings as well as their smashed window and to pay the fundraising site’s fees.”

“I’m a veteran myself and I’ve done my time in the Army, I’ve been to Afganistan and it has just annoyed me so much that someone who has also done their best to defend the country could be left scared in their own home, fearing that they might be robbed again.”

“It is shocking and if I could speak to the man, I’d wish him all the best and tell him that I hope he and his wife get over it very soon – I don’t want them to live in fear.”

“This is very close to my heart, this gentleman served in WWII, which was a massive war.”

“He has probably seen and gone through a lot – for someone to rob from him is just awful.”

So if you can help out, please head over to the fundraising page here now. No donation is too little or too small and will all go towards helping this WW2 veteran and his family.


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