A landscaper has recently been caught on CCTV entering a woman’s home, opening her fridge and masturbating into her orange juice. He then casually shook the bottle up, put it back and simply left.

The unsuspecting homeowner was alerted that someone had entered her home via her security system. She then took a look at the CCTV and couldn’t believe her eyes. It was not some random stranger doing this, it was, instead, the landscaper who she had recently employed.

The seventy two year old landscaper faced a judge and was sent to jail for one hundred days. The victim asked him bewildered, “how could you do something like this?”

“Something for my grandsons to consume, my kids to consume – me. There are no words to describe this gross, disgusting act.”

The judge warned though that if the offender violated his probation terms, then he would be sentenced to a further six years in prison. He must however, alongside his sentence, compete two hundred hours of community service as well. He is now also unable to have a job that involves access to homes and is required to complete a mental health assessment.

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Source: www.cantonrep.com

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