It’s OTT awards time and this year, we’ve got another great ceremony for you, honouring the UK’s tradespeople. But, before we can get to that point, we need your help first. We need you lot to decide our winners! So, today, we’ve got two great landscapers for you to choose from. Who should win our ‘Landscaper of the Year’ award, sponsored by Lasher Tools?

Well, let’s meet our shortlist!

First up, we have the fantastic Chis Rogers…

Chris has been described as a great boss and mate all rolled into one. With a fantastic work ethic, he is able to create work that can only be described as exemplary. In fact, with his high quality of work, his customer satisfaction ratings are through the roof!

Professional from beginning to end, Chris has been described as a perfecti0nist, working tirelessly to get the best results for his customers.

When asked why he should win, Chris added: “I started Rogers Landscapes officially full time 2/3 years ago with no idea what the future held.”

“I left a secure landscaping job/contractor to pursue my own vision of what I could do within the construction/landscaping industry.”

“In doing so I have built a small company that has become one of the leading landscaping contractors in Kent with a keen eye for detail and a lot of heart, delivering high-quality landscaping projects to a diverse range of clients.”

“Aside from being a business, I can honestly say I/we [the team] want each and every one of our clients to come away with a project that they absolutely love and not only that, it is important to us that the overall experience from the clients perspective is an extremely positive one.”

“We transform your exterior with pride and precision and that’s probably why I would say we deserve to win.”

“Thank you for the opportunity!”

A great member of the industry, Chris is joined by another fantastic landscaper…

Jake Morrison

Managing his own company, Jake always make sure to ensure his staff are happy. From supplying PPE to vans, Jake puts his employees first making sure their wage reflects the quality of their work. Just at the beginning of this year, Jake was working for someone else. But now, he has his own successful company with no signs of slowing down.

He described, “At Built – Building and Landscape Specialists [his company], we do everything from groundwork’s to up to plate and everything in between.”

“But, specialising in Landscapes, and the reason why we are the specialists, is because we train in every aspect always expanding when something new comes to market.”

“We offer garden designing as standard and always excel in what the customer imagines.”

“We are now affiliated with London Stone, recognised as a Landscape Specialists we are also accredited by Resin Bonded Ltd.”

“This would mean so much to me because it would validate all my hard work to this point growing this business.”

“I believe I should win this award by the consistently high standard of works delivered, validated by the testimonials of my customers.”

So what do you think? Who should win the award? Cast your votes here.

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