On site, you can’t get away from the pranks. It’s part of the job. How else are you going to get through the long days? And, most often, the apprentices are the people on the end of these pranks.

Pretty much every construction worker has been there at some point in their career in the industry. And this time, the workers on site are having a game of ‘apprentice roulette.’

Nailing him to the board, the apprentice is secured in while the other workers gather their bets in a hard hat. They have replicated a casino asking everyone: “red or black?”

Unfortunately though, what happens next is not something they expect. While two of the workers are spinning the apprentice round on the board, he begins to feel a bit queasy. And, eventually, he pukes all over himself and the workers. Ouch!

With everyone left laughing (and gagging), looks like the apprentice has got his own back on them for that prank!

Check it out for yourself here:

Don’t worry though, no apprentices were harmed in the making of this video! Instead, this video was created in conjunction with Omnia Casino to promote their £100 welcome bonus and 50 extra spins offer. Gaining almost nine hundred thousand views, our audience was loving the video.

Especially that ending! But what do you think?

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