Apprentice’s are invaluable to the construction industry. They’re the next lot of workers ready to fill the boots of those who came before them. Therefore, their training and on site experience is pivotal.

However, being an apprentice isn’t always easy. They can get a lot of stick and are regularly on the end of many on site jokes.

They can be taped to chairs, made to do the worst of jobs and taken the mick out of daily. A learning curve for all the on site banter they’ll be involved in during their years in the trade.

One thing about them that is apparent though, is it that they are loyal. Extremely loyal. Loyal to the point where they’d hide a dead body for their co workers. Seriously. Take a look:

Another thing about apprentice’s though is that they’re always good sports. No matter what torment they’ve been through they always come out laughing as if they were in on the joke. Well maybe not all of them. But most of them do. Take a look at this lad who handled being taped up rather well.

Apprentice’s. You can’t work without them. Have you got a top class apprentice though? Let us know all about them in the comments below!