For our next instalment of Builder’s Question Time, we decided to take to the streets of Liverpool with our host John Cleaver. With the success of Birmingham, the Liverpool builder’s had a lot to live up to. And they certainly didn’t disappoint.

The first half of our Builder’s Question Time in Liverpool saw some hilarious answers and brilliant questions. And this second half was even better yet.

The first question we asked was…

If you are running a race and you pass the person in 2nd place, what position would you be in?

The answer was that you’d be in second place. However, instead we got a chorus of 1st place answers and one builder even thought the answer was third place!

John’s face says it all with that one.

The next question we asked was: A builder has five piles of bricks on one site and four on another, how many piles would he have if he put them all onto one site?

We had answers such as two, ten and nine.

And then, finally, John got the answer he’d been waiting for! One pile of bricks! The triumphant happiness across his face!

Our third question was: what goes up but never comes down?

The answer was age.

Instead though, our builders provided us with hilarious answers such as inflation, a building, a balloon and the sky. One guy even asked John as to whether his hair was strawberry blonde or auburn!

How do you walk on water? Was our next question.

Our answers included swimming, “I don’t know” and simply that “you don’t”.

But then, finally, we got another correct answer. You freeze it!

To hear all of the hilarious answers we received, take a look at the full video of Builder’s Question Time now:

So what do you think of this? Can you think of any more questions we could ask some unsuspecting builders? Let us know in the comments below.