Recent research has found that construction workers are losing out on hundreds of pounds every year just because of winter. Specifically, due to poor lighting.

On average, tradespeople were found to work 37.9 hours in the summer. However, in winter, this fell to 37.2 hours a week. In terms of pay, with the average tradespeople earning £544.60 a week, this resulted in a loss of £295.32.

When looking at the UK’s average weather in winter, it was found that there was five and a half hours less sunlight in comparison to summer months. This means that with more than five hours less to work, tradespeople are missing out on crucial money. Money that could be spent on a weekend away with the missus or a new TV, all because of a lack of lighting.

And it’s not just the individual workers suffering from a lack of light either. When looking at the industry as a whole, poor lighting is losing the sector a whopping £265 million a year.

But how do we solve this issue? We can’t control the sunlight! Well, we spoke to leading lighting and power manufacturer Defender Power & Light for their advice on the matter. They described: “it can be frustrating for tradespeople to have to pack up work early because there isn’t enough light on site to complete the job.”

“But the right lighting is important to ensure workers safety and that the job is done correctly.”

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“Therefore, site lighting should be considered by workers who want to stay on site and earn that little bit of extra cash.”

“Here at Defender, our mission is to develop solutions that support user requirements and can be trusted to deliver the light and power users need to get the job done.”

“Ensuring we develop safe and durable products is at the heart of everything we do.”

“Our extensive range of products have been tested to perform and are developed with no compromise in quality.”

“From LED floodlights to rechargeable floor lights and torches, we’ve got you covered.”

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