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In our ‘how to’ series, we’ve described how to make some pretty cool things. From glasses made out of beer bottles to petrol can minibars and Jack Daniel’s lamps. These unique pieces would be at home in any man cave. All we need now is a ‘how to’ on how to brew your own beer… Well don’t worry, we’ve covered that too!

Now, as you’ve already emptied all of those bottles to create your glasses and lamps, what are you going to do with all of those leftover bottle tops? Well, how about making a bottle top table?

To do this, you need to start by drawing a circle onto a piece of plywood. Then, place a compass anywhere on the circle, making a mark. After that, place your compass on the mark that you just made and repeat this step again. Keep doing this until you match up with the first mark you made. Then, join up the lines, creating the hexagonal shape of the table. And finally, cut the plywood.

Next up you’ll need to cut a mitre on the edge, marking your lip. Then glue on the edging making sure you line it up with your markings for the lip. Wipe off any glue squeeze too. You’ll need to paint the table next. Make sure you cover the underside of the moulding too! And, finally, attach the legs.

Now time for the bottle tops! Make sure you test fit the bottle tops first so you know how many you need and that they will all fit. Then, glue them in place. This will make sure they don’t float up when the resin is setting!

Weigh out and mix the resin next. Typically, Epoxy resins tend to mix at a 2:1 ratio, but make sure to check yours first. Mix this for two to three minutes making sure it is properly mixed together.

After that, you’ll need to pour the resin. Make sure to spread this right up to the edges, as well as coating the edges too. Then, finally, blow heat over the resin. This will help to pop any bubbles and, leave to set.

And there you have it! Take a look at the table here:

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So what do you think of this? Will you be making one of these? Let us know in the comments below.

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