We love a good ‘how to’ piece here at On The Tools. From Monopoly Tables to DIY Drink Mixers, we love making something quirky. Therefore, we decided to team up with Hitachi Power Tools and take table football to a whole new level.

Using Hitachi tools to operate the players, you can create an incredible piece that a whole host of people will be jealous of. In this video, our man Andy makes it look easy to put together. But, it certainly isn’t for the DIY novice, although I’m sure you carpenters could knock one of these up in no time though!

After a lot of constructing the frame, (like seriously, how much wood is needed for this thing?), he can move onto the intricacies. Fitting the pieces together like a work of art, this table truly comes alive with a lick of paint. The little mini Hitachi and OTT players look amazing!

Plus, one perk about making this yourself, your players can also be any team you like!

After even more tricky painting though, you’ll need to make sure the ball doesn’t come flying out by attaching a protective surface to the top. Attaching the drills to control the players, this takes table football to a new level.

Oh, and adding some lights will make it look even cooler! You could even include cup holders to make sure your game isn’t compromised.

Take a look at how you can create one for yourself here:

This video was created in conjunction with Hitachi Power Tools and racked up more than two million views. With thousands of comments, reactions and shares too, people were loving this idea! But what do you think? Would you love something like this? Let us know!

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