According to research, 45% of fatal injuries on site are due to working at heights. And recently, it was reported that two construction workers have unfortunately died after a man cut down the safety ropes that were securing the workers.

The forty-one-year-old man was arrested from his home where the incident took place and is now under investigation for manslaughter. According to the police, Mr Seoh went to the roof of his apartment building in South Korea after complaints from neighbours about the noise. There, he then used a knife to cut down the safety ropes.

The two workers, aged thirty-six and forty-six, plummeted to the ground. The forty-six-year-old construction worker, Mr Kim was on the twelfth floor when his rope was cut and unfortunately fell to his death. Luckily though, his work colleague managed to survive as his rope wasn’t completely cut through.

Police rushed to the scene after reports of the incident came flooding in. It was there, they found that the rope had been cut and it was later found that this was done my Mr Seoh. He claims: “I have trouble sleeping at night and the loud music made it worse.”

“Furious, I went up to the rooftop but I didn’t see anyone except for a set of ropes so I chopped it down.”

It was revealed that the suspect was also found to be drinking at the time of the incident.

Construction worker deaths are being reported more and more often in the UK at the moment though. One ground worker was recently reported to have died on site after being struck by a concrete drainage cover. Take a look at the full incident here.

But that’s not all. It’s not just on site but the surrounding areas too. One forty-three-year-old woman was recently killed without even stepping foot on site. Instead, she was simply walking past when three unsecured window frames fell, crushing and killing the woman. Take a look at the full article here.

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