Recently, a video was captured of a man filling his own wife’s car with concrete! The incident took place in St Petersburg, where the Russian man found out that his wife had decided to change her name.

According to the video description, this was so she could win fifty thousand rubles. This is equivalent to winning around seven hundred pounds here in England. These fifty thousand rubles though were in the form of shares in the couple’s local supermarket.

To win these shares, the worker’s wife changed her name to ‘Verny’, which was the name of the supermarket. This act frustrated him so much, due to its irresponsible nature, that he became infuriated.

Therefore, in response to his wife’s act, he drove her car to the shop in question. Then, he proceeded to fill the interior of the car with concrete. As the machine began to pour, the front of the car soon became consumed with concrete.

According to the description, this car is actually still standing outside of the shop as well, full of concrete.

Take a look at the footage here:

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Source: www.carthrottle.com
Feature Image/Video Credit: www.youtube.com/channel

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