Leaving the house can often be a struggle. Especially if all you want to do is sleep. Facing the cold weather and mundane work load ahead of you, it can be a struggle to put one foot in front of the other and head out of the door in a morning.

However, one man, had extra difficulty leaving his house recently. And no, it wasn’t because he wanted to go back to sleep or because he didn’t want to go to work. None of the normal things you’d expect. Instead, this man was unable to leave his own home because he was trapped in it. Trapped by a brick wall that was built over night whilst he was sleeping.

Apparently, an unknown group of individuals from the nearby city were to blame for bricking up the gentleman’s door. According to police, it is likely to have been built in merely minutes. (They could give a few of you brickies a run for your money!) However, the police are still unaware as to the motive behind it. The likelihood is though that it was either an act of revenge, a joke or a bet.

Police have estimated though that the damage to the property is around £425. A police spokesman stated: “it reminded me of the building of the Berlin wall.”

“That went up pretty quickly too.”

He quickly added though, “it’s a crime and no joke.”

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Source: www.bbc.co.uk

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