A bricklayer was recently arrested at Exeter Lockdown festival with a large stash of illegal drug on him. He was found with fifty nine MDMA pills, one gramme of Ketamine and twenty three grammes of Cannabis.

Twenty one year old Connor Toogard still lives at home with his parents and claims the entire stash was for his own use during the four day festival. Apparently, when he was stopped by security at the event, he resisted being searched. He was then pinned down by security and held there until the police arrived.

The lawyer defending the bricklayer stated: “he had such a large amount because it was the first day.”

“His behaviour was a result of mixing MDMA and Ketamine – something he had never done – and drinking a litre of rum”

“He was badly drug intoxicated at the time and is very ashamed.”

“This terrible mistake has been something of a shock to him and he won’t be making it again.”

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Source: www.exeterexpressandecho.co.uk

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