Recently, dodgy tradesmen were caught outside of DIY shops calling for work. Waiting from seven o clock in the morning, the workers pestered anyone going inside. Outside the shop, a chorus of “job, job, job”, could be heard by the workers trying to get some work

The tradesmen, from Turkey, Romania and Kosovo were discovered by a probe from the Daily Star. They described that several workers stated that they had been trying to get work for “several years” using this method. Claiming that they would do a day’s work for fifty to seventy pounds, the workers only left when the police arrived.

Apparently, this discovery has resulted in fears being raised regarding the cheap labour that could put British workers out of jobs. However, according to a report by the Federation of Master Builders, the importance of migrant labour needs to be acknowledged.

The chief executive stated: “in London alone, there are more than 157,000 non-UK construction workers constituting almost half of the industry’s workforce in the capital.”

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“Pre-Brexit, 60% of small construction firms are already having trouble hiring bricklayers and that’s before the UK abandons the free movement of people.”

“If the next Government implements an inflexible immigration system that hinders the ability of talented foreign construction workers from making their way to the UK, any manifesto pledges relating to the delivery of housing and infrastructure will be rendered meaningless.”

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However, “in the longer term, the most sustainable solution to the chronic skills deficit is for employers to recruit and train more home-grown talent.”

“Undoubtedly, the best way of achieving this is to focus on increasing the quality, duration and thoroughness of construction apprenticeships.”

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