A construction boss has recently been jailed for stealing £6.9 million in taxes!

Three co-conspirators, a construction boss, an accountant and a payroll administer, ran the con for two and a half years. They cheated HM Revenue and Customers of VAT, Income Tax, National Insurance Contributions and Construction Industry Scheme deductions.

They attempted to hide this by using a complex network of companies and bank accounts. This was both in the UK and offshore. They couldn’t get away with it though and their crimes were uncovered by the HMRC investigators.

Rather than paying tax and National Insurance to HMRC, the three men stole the money to fund their lavish lifestyles. This included purchasing Bentley’s, properties in the UK, USA and Turkey, they even took multiple abroad holidays to places such as Dubai!

They managed to commit fraud and steal the money by charging the clients VAT. They then did not pay this across to HMRC. PAYE and CIS systems were also not paid across the the HMRC either.

A member of the company stated, ‘these men were driven by greed, abusing systems that are designed to ensure workers are paid correctly and taxes paid.”

“These criminals thought they’d created a sophisticated fraud, and that by operating through numerous UK and offshore companies, they could hide what they were doing.”

This was not the case though. The three men have been jailed for a total of 19 years.

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Source: www.constructionenquirer.com