Last Friday, On The Tools posted a video of an on-site Grand National race. This was enjoyed by millions with views going up and up, and in the first 72 hours, the video was watched 24 Million times.

But all may not have been as it seems as the video was actually commissioned by Direct Line for Business in an attempt to raise awareness for on site safety. Although the vast majority of viewers and a couple of tabloid newspapers thought they had watched a genuine on-site prank, the entire video was actually scripted, and produced by social media agency On The Tools.

Head of Content Adam Barrie came up with the idea of filming something Grand National style. This was then written, and produced by the content team who created a realistic, and hilariously funny sketch. Adam said: “we try to create content that our audience can relate to.”

“Our team understand that, to create great content, it needs to be relevant, and engaging. We’ve built a great understanding and insight into what makes people tick on Social Media and can’t wait to help more brands in the future.”

Pictured above, from front to back: Conrad Smart, Videographer and Adam Barrie, Head of content are reviewing a practice run of the Grand National sketch.

On The Tools CEO, Lee Wilcox even starred in the sketch as main man ‘Jonesy.’ Lee was only cast in this role on the morning of filming. On a cold, windy day, no one else really felt like getting wet. So, Lee took one for the team and stepped in. It’s safe to say that this worked out well as it was his reaction that made everything seem real, fooling millions.

Pictured above Lee Wilcox, CEO of On the Tools reviewing the video after being submerged in the hole.

The On the Tools team set the site up a week before the piece went out on Social Media. The hole took over 4 hours to fill and the OTT team were on set for over 7 hours.

Adam said ‘Although the video is over in a minute, there’s so much work that goes in behind the scenes. We’re really pleased with this one’.

On The Tools work with a number of construction based brands. Commercial Director Andy Taylor described: “we work with a number of high profile brands using creative and disruptive ways to achieve millions of views for our clients.”

On the Tools was founded in August 2014 after two old school friends, Lee Wilcox & Adam Barrie came up with an idea for a recruitment app for the Construction Industry. In order to market the app they created a social media presence, this has proved so successful that it has now evolved into a Social Media Agency based in Tamworth, Staffordshire. On the Tools has seen huge growth since they were founded a little over 2 years ago and now engages with over 1 Million Tradespeople every day, with their total Social following currently standing at over 1.6 million people.

Pictured above from left to right Adam Barrie, Lee Wilcox and Andy Taylor.

CEO, Lee Wilcox commented ‘We have a really creative and talented team here and we’re hugely confident in what we’re building. Creating compelling and emotive content with the aim of connecting the Construction industry is at the heart of everything we do. The trio said that they ‘have a few more tricks up their sleeves for the near future’.

For press inquiries, please contact andy@onthetools.tv and kirsten@onthetools.tv.

Source: www.directline.com