Everyone looks forward to waking up on Christmas morning and opening their presents. But for some children, they don’t get to do this. A massive 18,000 children will go without any type of present this year!

However, there are people that want to make a difference. Plumber Carl Crowley has teamed up with Viking FM. He is supporting their Cash for Kids annual Mission Christmas campaign. He is working in the Hull, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire areas and is trying to ensure that every child in the East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire areas can wake up to a present on Christmas Day.

But they desperately need some help. At this moment in time, they only have 1,000 presents, and they need a total of 18,000! In one of his Facebook lives featured on his ‘Mr Awkward’ page, which has 117,786 likes, Carl described:

“Basically we still need your help. There’s still going to be loads of kids not receiving any presents at Christmas.”

“I can’t imagine waking up in a morning and not having a present.”

The campaign is looking for as many donations as possible. It doesn’t have to be something big, it can be something as simple as a colouring book and some crayons. Or, if you’ve not got time to head to the shops, then you can donate some money. No amount is too big or too small but all the money donated will go towards the purchasing of presents for these children. Carl and his business partner have already donated £500 themselves but are looking for some help to raise another £300.

To help spread awareness of the cause, Carl will also be going into local schools to speak about the matter. Viking FM are also providing him with a van on the 18th of December to travel and collect donations. Not only that, but Carl has also pledged that he will be going from pub to pub to also raise money as the council will not provide him with the permits needed to do it on the street.

“Mission Christmas. We need to kick it’s arse!”

“Let’s make it a better Christmas for kids.”

Take a look at one of Carl’s lives here:

If you would like to donate a gift then please send it to:
Mr Awkward Viking FM,
Commercial Road,

Or, if you’d like to donate some money to help towards the £800 goal, please head over to vikingmissionchristmas.everydayhero.com.
Or, head over to Carl’s Facebook page here: www.facebook.com to find out more about the cause and his motivations to help.