Accidents on site are, unfortunately, have been on the rise in recent months, with sites implementing different strategies to try and prevent these accidents from happening. But what is it that is causing them? Safety gear? A lack of training? Management? Or money?

Well, according to Louise Ward, the director of policy and communications at the British Safety, she feels that money, along with personal concerns, is likely to impact workers safety. Apparently, one in three British families are just one paycheck away from losing their own homes!

Ward describes that this, “illustrates that a significant percentage of the working population are just getting by from day to day.”

“As well as influencing mental wellbeing, such immediate and significant personal concerns are very likely to impact on attention and concentration, contributing to accidents in the workplace.”

This is also supported by reports regarding mental health, and the stress related to financial troubles. According to research conducted by the Samaritans, suicide kills more construction workers than falls! A member of the organisation argued: “with the amount of energy being put into managing physical risk; you have to question whether the industry is getting the health and safety balance right.”

The chief executive of the Building Engineer Services Association also added: “there are thousands of risk assessments being carried out across the industry and very few even mention mental health.”

“If something is important; you need to start measuring it, which is what the industry does with physical injuries and accidents.”

“We need to introduce something similar for mental health.”

Another worrying statistic is that apparently, over half of workers don’t even know basic health and safety. According to the results of a nationwide poll, 52% of construction workers don’t know the basic health and safety rules that are in place on site. Take a look at the full results here.

So what do you think? Is money causing more accidents on site? Or are other parts such as mental health and a lack of knowledge playing a part? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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