Potholes are such a pain for road users. You’re travelling along, happy as Larry and bam! You hit a pothole.

The amount of these pesky things seem to be going up each and every day and they never seem to get fixed. Instead, vehicles are left struggling to get from a to b without causing damage to themselves. (Take a look at how you can claim on any pothole damage here). But, don’t worry, there’s someone on the case surely?

And this must be how they’re doing it…

First up, they find a pothole, marking it out.

Then, leave and forget about it until six weeks later.

Once you’re back on the job though, it’s time for the worker to mix up three parts of f*ck all with one part of f*ck all. Top quality stuff that is!

Finally, they’ll give it a good mix, filling the pothole with f*ck all. And that’s job done!

Take a look for yourself here:

This was created as an On The Tools original piece and went down a storm with our audience. In fact, it gained over 6.6 million views and over eighty thousand shares! Looks like everyone is p*ssed off about the potholes!

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