The portaloo. A staple on site. And, unfortunately, most of them are as disgusting as the next. From the graffiti to the sandpaper toilet roll, to the most pointless flush in the world, we decided to dive into the portaloo (not literally) and take a good look around.

First up, we have the wall art. A staple in pretty much every portaloo. From phone numbers to rude pictures, it’s rare to find a site toilet without any graffiti in it.

And, if you are lucky enough to have the luxury that is toilet paper on a site, it’ll be very much like 120 grit sandpaper. But what about what you’re putting it in? Well, it’s only the state of art toilet and hand pump flusher! Pretty useless at flushing, to be honest, all it does is disturb the turds below letting off a stink that would make Lucifer himself throw up.

A site toilet isn’t complete without the luxury sink and tap though. It’s big enough to fit one of Jeremy Beadles hands and is also a common feature in on-site portaloos. Not forgetting the vanity mirror as well! Perfect for electrician’s wanting to adjust their top knots and also top up their lipstick.

So there you have it! And as you can see, it’s not as bad as everyone makes out. Well, if you can get past the smell and the mess in there anyway. Check out our MTV Cribs edition for yourself here:

Created as an On The Tools original piece, we loved putting this video together about a staple feature on site. Not ready to leave the site yet though? Want to watch more of our videos? Well then head over to our videos category, or check out the On The Tools video of the week now.

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