Apparently, one of the biggest bugbears for tradespeople is when their customers call them ‘mate’. Yep, there’s no friendship here ‘mate’.

In a study revealing what annoys tradespeople the most, small talk was also another annoyance for the workers. In fact, they claimed that they were sick of customers attempting to make conversation with them while they worked.

Customers presuming tradespeople were uneducated as well was also one of the biggest bugbears as well as forgetting simple things like offering them a drink. Even if it was just a glass of water!

Another thing that tradespeople hated was when customers would try and put on “working class” accents and try to seem like they knew what they were talking about. Recalling the names of tools in conversation as they chatted to workers. Annoying!

But why do people attempt this kind of thing? Well, psychologists suggest that it’s part of the ‘chameleon effect’. They mimic a person in order to make themselves, or the other person, more comfortable.

Psychologist Mamta Saha added: “We naturally feel rapport and connected to people who mirror our body language, tone and the essence of words that we use.”

“We have a natural drive to be liked and subconsciously apply a tinge in our accents or an adjustment in our body language if we feel it is going to bring us closer to someone ‘understanding us’.”

“And, as a result, they may feel we ‘understand them’ better, bringing us closer and more connected.”

So what do the tradespeople suggest?

To prevent p*ssing of your tradesman, they suggested a few things:

1. Don’t try and change your accent. Chances are, they know how well off you are anyway based on the house they’re working in.

2. Don’t stand over them and watch them work. It won’t make them go any faster and if anything, they’ll end up making a mistake because of how uncomfortable you’re making them! And if you want to understand what they’re doing, just ask. They won’t bite your head off.

3. Don’t make presumptions. Not every tradesperson likes football so don’t presume they do or pretend that you do if you actually don’t. They’ll know.

4. If you’re offering any food and drink, ask! Not everyone wants three sugars in their tea or a bacon butty. You never know, they could be a vegetarian. Basically, just don’t presume or go off the stereotypes.

5. Don’t get p*ssed off if they take a morning break as well as lunch. They’re not working a 9 to 5 job. Instead, most of them have been grafting since 7 am. It’s hard work, they deserve a break for some breakfast.

So what do you think? Tradespeople, do you agree with this? What’s your biggest bugbear? Let us know in the comments below.


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