There are certain behaviours you’ll see on pretty much every site. And, along with that, certain phrases too. Like the apprentice moaning, the sparkie not clearing up and the site manager trying to tell you how to do your job.

But, alongside this, there are certain things that, to be quite honest with you, would sound absolutely bizarre if you heard them on site. In fact, you’d probably take the p*ss most of the day or presume your workmate had been taken over by aliens or something. Therefore, we decided to put some of these together.

These are the things you’ll never hear tradespeople say on site…

But what did our viewers think?

Well, these kinds of pieces tend to go down a storm with our audience and this OTT original piece was certainly no different. Despite its sketch-like nature, the comments were full of people tagging their mates in the relatable content.

Not the first of its kind either, we’ve done other episode of this mini-series. From things site managers never say to things tradies never say in winter, this was the longest episode and was full of things you’d just never hear tradespeople say. But what do you think of it? Let us know!

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