This time of year can often bring about tensions within the home. The stress of organising presents, cooking christmas dinner. Many people, especially the wives and mothers of a family, are very stressed.

Therefore, the husband’s of said wives are often advised to tread carefully around this time of year as to not annoy or stress them even further. However, one man decided to not listen to that advice.

His wife, had set up a chalkboard christmas tree. A festive way to count down the days until Christmas day. Her husband, Jack Shepard, wouldn’t let his wife have her festive fun though. Instead, he decided to torment her, rubbing out the number she’d written and writing conspiracy theories as a replacement. This began to infuriate his wife as the daily occurrence took place. He carried on though, enjoying his game.

That soon changed though as his wife retaliated back. His final hijack read: “the moon landing was faked.” However, to Shepherd’s surprise his wife didn’t get angry in the way he had presumed. Instead, she simply wrote: “my orgasm too.” Tis the season to be brutally honest eh? However, it’s probably safe to say that’s it’s unlikely he’ll be messing with the decorations again any time soon.

Wife bought a chalkboard Xmas tree to count down the number of days until Xmas. I’ve been erasing the number and writing conspiracy theories instead, infuriating her. Today, she took it too far…

So what do you think? Have you ever tormented your partner by messing with the Christmas decorations? Let us know in the comments below.