Dr. Martens have introduced a brand new boot that provide workers with a great deal of protection without the added weight of traditional steel toe footwear!

It incorporates many unique features that separates the new DS lite range from your other, standard work boots. These anti static boots have a moulded TPU mesh upper and a puncture proof midsole. Ideal for the accident prone on site. Not only that, but there is also a high traction outsole. This is made up of heat and slip resistant nitrile rubber. So there’s no excuse for not working in the icy weather any more! Although, it might cause a decrease in the number of videos displayed on the page of people falling on their ass.

Not only this, but the boots feature lightweight composite toe caps. The boot is made with a non metallic construction with no constructive parts on the outside. Perfect for all you electricians out there.

The removable smart foam footbed can also provide you with further footwear comfort. Important if you’re gonna be on your feet all day! That isn’t all though, they’re also flexible, light and have an anti microbial breathable lining.

And of course, the important part, the boots also meet the EU safety spec.

Take a look at our very own On The Tools review here:

Want a pair of your own? Head over to www.drmartens.com now!

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