Pranks are everywhere on site. They’re just a day to day part of working in the industry. But, of course, what comes with that, are your workmates getting suspicious. Especially if it’s a prank you’ve already played on them before. So, we decided to round up the top ten prank videos we’ve seen to give you some more inspiration…

1. The water prank. A great one to play on the apprentice, these guys gained themselves over 1.1 million views on our page.

2. The pull up prank. A bracing one for the winter, this might be one to return to in the summer when the weather’s a bit nicer. These guys went down greatly on the page too with over 1.3 million views.

3. Pimp my van. This one is perfect for the apprentice. Who wouldn’t want their van to look like this? Well, 3 million people on Facebook certainly did!

4. Coin head prank. A classic, this rendition got over 4.5 million views on the OTT page.

5. Sleeping van prank. Top tip for anyone who doesn’t want to get pranked: don’t fall asleep in the van! Although, these guys did take it to a whole new level and 6.2 million of you seemed to enjoy it.

6. STI prank call. A bit of a harsh one, these guys got over 7 million views.

7. Over 8 million views for this bad boy. Tricking the apprentice into thinking they’re disposing of a dead body!

8. This one is quite popular at the moment and is doing the rounds on social media. Our version got over 13.6 million views!

9. The fantastic piece of work that is the Grand National prank. Jonesy loved it and so did 34 million of you lot.

10. The wooden spoon prank needs no introduction gaining itself a staggering 37.8 million views.

So there you have it. Our top ten pranks. Which is your favourite? Are there any we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.

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