Have you claimed back your expenses yet?

The start of April means a new tax year, which means a new load of expenses that you can claim for. For those who are employed on a company’s books/on the cards/PAYE or CIS, if you are travelling from home to site you can now claim back expenses on not only your mileage but also your tools and food too.

It is estimated that just under £200 million will go unclaimed this year. But how can you claim back what’s rightfully yours? Well, we asked industry expert, John Towner from Construction Reclaims who stated that you can actually claim back up to 4 years!

He stated: “One thing you can claim back on is mileage. This is if you have travelled to site in your own vehicle, and worked at the site for less than two years.”

He continued: “Not only that, but you can also claim back your food too. If you keep receipts, then you’ll be able to use those to claim. Or, if you have eaten mainly either at a site based canteen or nearby café for the whole of your employment at each site, then you’ll be able to claim that back too.”

“And finally tools. If you have kept receipts or proof of purchase for them, then chances are you’ll be able to claim back some money for this too.”

“If you have any more questions about this, you can call 0151-259-8192 for more information. Or, fill out this short eligibility questionnaire: www.constructionreclaims.co.uk/employed-tax-refund/

So what do you think? Could you make a claim? Let us know in the comments below.

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