New Year’s Eve. Either the worst, or the best night out of the year. There is so much pressure placed on the event that often, it just ends up being quite underwhelming.

Typically, it seems that the best New Year’s Eve outings tend to happen by accident. But, to try and help get you through the plans that you never wanted to make in the first place, here are a few tips to get you through the night.

1. Approach the evening with the lowest possible expectations. Honestly. This night has the possibility to be absolutely disastrous so don’t presume that it will be the best night of the year. Probability suggests it won’t be. Instead, you’ll be squeezed into a tight space with hundreds of like minded drunk people who are desperately trying to disguise that this isn’t the worst night of their lives.

2. Remember one important thing, it doesn’t mean everything. This one night out of all of the other 365 doesn’t define 2016. Instead, it’s just another night out that will result in a blinding headache in the morning.

3. Don’t drink so much that you end up in A&E. A stupidly obvious one I know. But tonight, will be the worst night to end up there. It will be overcrowded and full of dishevelled drunk people. It’ll probably look a little like the party you’ve just been carried out of.

4. Make sure you drink enough though. New Year’s Eve tends to be full of guilt and shame so it’s probably best that you remember as little as possible. Plus, everyone else around you will be too drunk to even notice that you’re hammered so take this opportunity to let go and make a fool of yourself.

5. Don’t be ashamed of having a quiet night in. There’s nothing wrong with that. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of cash and a lot of shame. It’s not uncommon either, studies have found that at least half of the country stay in on New Year’s Eve. It’s ok to be boring.

6. Choose what New Year event you would like to go to very wisely. This could make or break your night. Plus, bare in mind that transport is at one of it’s worst on this night, so make sure you can get home.

7. Pace yourself. New Year’s Eve isn’t just about the clock striking twelve. Instead, many people end up starting to drink a lot earlier so you might not even last until twelve. We all know there’s a lightweight in every group so get tagging them now!

8. Make no resolutions tonight. They won’t last anyway. People often feel pressured to a deadline though believing they have to have one by the strike of twelve. Plus let’s be honest, you’ll probably be so drunk that you won’t remember them in the morning anyway.

9. It’s ok to cry. New Year’s Eve is one of the only night’s that it is perfectly acceptable to cry about your life. So cry away!

10. Bare in mind that after twelve, things start to go downhill. After that stroke of the clock, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be proud of anything you do after that.

Happy New Year!

So what do you think? Have you got any other New Year’s tips that you focus on? Let us know in the comments below.


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