The UK is known for having one of the most complex languages. With the same words spelt differently and with different meanings, we even have words that only exist in certain regions. How about a gamboll anyone? And, not only that, but different parts of the country even have different words for the same thing!

Consequently, there is a bit of a North/South divide here in the UK. Oh, and the Midlands are chucked in there for good measure!

Not only do these regions have different words for the same things, but their styles of life tend to be stereotypically quite different. Therefore, we decided to create a video taking a look at these regional differences.

Kicking things off was the bread roll debate. With the Northern Moneky’s calling it a barm and the Southern Fairy’s calling it a roll. But, unfortunately, their server was from Birmingham and didn’t understand either of them stating: “you’re both wrong, it’s called a batch.”

Who knew ordering a bacon sandwich could be so difficult!

It’s not just the bread rolls the Northerner and Southerner disagree on either. Instead, they even have polar opposite snacks. For the Northerner, it was all about the battered mars bar. The Southerner though would much rather chow down on some eels… yeah I’ll take a pass on that one!

One thing they could agree on though was traffic. Everyone hates being held up. However, how they were held up varied quite a bit. For the Southerner, it was because of roadworks. Seriously, why are they everywhere? But, for the Northerner, he had a bit of a different issue… sheep.

One thing the Northerner had in his favour though was certainly the difference in the cost of a pint. For the Northerner, three and sixpence is “magic that”. But, for the Southerner, £62.80 was not the kind of price he was expecting. Night out in the North anyone?

Check out the video here:

Whether you’re from the North or the South though, one thing is for sure, people loved this video! In fact, it sparked a lot of debate in the comments on what is the right name for a bread roll. It’s a cob, right?

Created with Direct Line for Business, the video was viewed by over one million people. Shared and commented on by hundreds, I don’t think the barm, batch or roll debate is anywhere near solved. But, one unanimous decision was made: this video was a belter!

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