A new construction employment scheme has recently been introduced to provide ex-offenders with the chance to turn their life around. Whilst also gaining the opportunity to obtain official qualifications.

Set up in November 2016, the scheme works with ex-offenders with the aim of breaking the cycle of reoffending. Currently, they are working with the recycling company Powerday in Enfield. One ex-offender who completed the placement stated: “this is a great opportunity for me to make a new start and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone here on site, it’s a fantastic project and I’m proud to be working on it.”

Tony Hogg completed his on-site training upon his release from prison. Prior to that, whilst in prison, he was able to study and gain his CSCS Green Labourer card. Alongside this, he was also able to obtain a qualification in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment too.

Now out of prison and working, Tony’s daily duties include building and tearing down fences, managing water leaks and also removing waste. Currently, he is working with St George on the construction of a 170-metre tower.

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The sales and marketing director at the company stated: “this initiative will really help ex-offenders get back to work which we know drastically improves their chances of not reoffending.”

“We are delighted that Tony has started with us and made a great impression on site.”

The construction director also described that “he has been a great addition to the team and we wish him the very best of luck in the future.”

So what do you think of this? Should there be more of this type of training? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: www.enfieldindependent.co.uk

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